$15,000 Standard Version

$25,000 High End Version

Measurements: 3m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 3.17m(H)

Outhouse Highlights

The Outhouse is a simple and easy solution to your bathroom needs. It can be used as an addition to one of our other designs or standalone on your property. This unit is built on a skid, allowing it to be easily relocated.

The design has a spacious bathroom which incorporates a toilet, bath and sink. It can readily be adapted and customized if you have any other requirements for this size build.


**** All our Designs can be customized for Layout and Finishings ****

  • off-grid-configuration
  • wood-fireplace
  • outdoor-shower
  • stainless-steal-benchtops
  • dishwasher
  • folddown-bed
  • walk-in-shower
  • dimmable-lights
  • foldable-table
  • custom-couch
  • larger-windows
  • skylights
  • double-glazed-windows-doors
  • additional-electrical-outlets

* All of our designs can be upgraded with off grid options. We can provide a number of different off grid setups to enable independent living and fully encourage a sustainable way of life for you and your family.

We have experience with suppliers who are available to help you determine the best off grid setup for your lifestyle including choosing energy efficient appliances.

Setup options available:
Electricity (Solar Systems and Generators)
Composting Toilets
Water Storage Tanks, Gutters and Filtration Systems
Grey Water Systems
Grease Trap Systems

  • Efficient use of space, custom storage available
  • Tiled Bathroom, Bath,Vanity unit and Standard toilet
  • Built on a skid that alows for easy relocation
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Design can be adapted to individual needs
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