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Tiny Homes in Australia

There are many benefits of owning a Tiny Home in Australia if you require:

  • Additional room for a growing family
  • Guest unit
  • Home Office or studio
  • Pool House
  • Rumpus/Games room for the kids
  • AirBnB holiday accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation during construction
  • Rural accommodation
  • Minimal payment period for a home of your own and be mortgage free in a short time
  • A small footprint that achieves sustainability with less impact on the environment
  • The ability to relocate your home when it suits
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Why consider Tiny Homes in Australia?

Our customers have a number of reasons why they approach us to build them a Tiny Home in Australia. Aside from obtaining relief from financial stress we often times have customers wanting to be able to afford a home of their own without having to pay for the cost of land. A loan for a Tiny Home is small by comparison to a home and land package and the ability to be mortgage free is tempting for many! With the cost of living becoming greater each year utility bills are far less in Tiny Homes in Australia particularly when off grid options are available with minimal additional cost.

Other appealing reasons include having a simpler lifestyle with less need to work long hours or having multiple jobs necessary to pay off a large mortgage. Many people now feel the need to live a life that has far less an impact on the environment and want to enjoy the pleasures of being part of the growing Tiny House movement in Australia.

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Quality Budget friendly Tiny Homes

NJ Tiny Homes offer a range of cost effective alternatives for Tiny Home living in Australia.

We build modern and luxurious Tiny Homes in Australia which have an abundance of natural light and space that will meet your needs and budget.

From 6 meter 1 bedroom Tiny Homes on Wheels to 12 meter 2 bedroom Homes built on metal skids plus Boutique custom made Tiny Homes we are sure we can manufacture a home style that suits your needs.

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Tiny Homes in Australia

NJ Tiny Homes is an excellent choice for Tiny Homes in Australia. Contact us today to learn more about our services and arrange a consultation to discuss your goals and requirements.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

If you are looking for a designer and builder of Tiny House living solutions there’s no better choice than NJ Tiny Homes. Speak to us today and we will happily answer any questions you might have.

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