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Granny Flats in Australia

NJ Tiny Homes designs and builds quality granny flats as a second dwelling on your property, either on a trailer for easy portability or a skid which can be easily transported. Our granny flats are built to be self-contained, with a separate entrance, toilet, bath, kitchen and living area. They can be off-grid or connected to existing sewage and water. Our granny flats are custom-built to accommodate your requirements with Quality, Functionality, Comfort and Longevity being key considerations in our designs.

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Why NJ Tiny Homes for Granny Flats?

If you have a dependent person, want some more living space, have the grandparents stay, or make extra rental income NJ Tiny Homes can build and deliver you a quality Australian-made Granny flat. A granny flat in Australia might be a very good idea for you if it meets your family’s needs. Additionally, it can add value to a property as well. NJ Tiny Homes are granny flat builders based in Melbourne.

Our Granny Flats in Australia are custom-built to accommodate your requirements with Quality, Functionality, Comfort and Longevity key considerations in our designs.

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Quality Made, Comfortable, Practical and Budget-Friendly

A Granny Flat might be just what your family needs. Having a separate cozy practical dwelling with modern design elements can maintain the granny flat user’s independence, whilst having the support and comfort they need close by. Our experienced designers and builders can answer any further questions you might have about a design that suits your needs.

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Benefits and Uses of a Granny Flat (otherwise known as a Dependent Persons Unit)

Our Granny Flats have many uses, some of which include:

  • Providing an independent abode for loved ones
  • Enabling additional income from rent
  • A peaceful environment that is separate to the existing dwelling
  • Increasing your property value
  • An easily transportable unit for easy resale or relocation and use elsewhere

At NJ Tiny Homes, our experienced team offers our expertise and a thoughtful approach. We assist you in creating a quality, practical granny flat that helps you look after a loved one in a manner they deserve.

Why Build with NJ Tiny Homes - Granny Flat Builders Based in Melbourne?

Customers who have ordered granny flats from us have seen why it is important to work with an experienced supplier such as NJ Tiny Homes. We offer a quality custom fit-out using materials and appliances suitable for granny flats. Our standards of craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and focus on sustainability are extremely important to the success of an Australian-built, quality-made NJ Tiny Homes Granny Flat. Our granny flat builders are based in Melbourne and can relocate our granny flat anywhere throughout Australia.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

NJ Tiny Homes can create a granny flat based on an existing template or custom make a unit from your own design. If you are looking for a designer and builder of granny flats in Australia, NJ Tiny Homes is a great choice. Speak to us today and we will happily answer any questions you might have.

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